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Our engagement with the Hermosa Beach Library focuses on opportunities to enhance the library experience. We work directly with Library Management and staff to identify areas of need and opportunity, addressing everything from books and subscription needs, to programs and events to other ad hoc needs.

Hermosa Beach Friends of the Library has contributed between $10,000 and $20,000 annually in support of the Hermosa Beach Library; total lifetime giving exceeds $500,000. Historically, more than 90% of all monies raised by us (whether through donations and memberships or bookstore sales) have gone directly to support the Hermosa Beach Library.

Listed below are some of the ways Friends of the Library has supported the Hermosa Beach Library:

Los Angeles County Annual Bookmarks Contest

HBFOL provides gift awards to children selected from the Hermosa Beach Community based on their original bookmark art submittals.

Books and Periodicals

HBFOL provides funding to support maintenance and expansion of the Hermosa Beach Public Library book and periodical catalogs.

Other Library Support

Over the years, HBFOL has supported Hermosa Beach Library events and awards, holiday decorations, retirement recognitions, computer catalogs, public access computers and other elements of Library activities and infrastructure.

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Hermosa Beach Friends of the Library indirectly supports literacy throughout the community through our support for and promotion of a wide array of programs.

Our work has impacts that reach beyond the Library:

  • Teachers and Students: Local teachers take advantage of our discounted book pricing (with many books priced at less than $1.00 per book) to find the books their students and classrooms need.  

  • Book Donations: HBFOL often receives more high-quality books than we are able to sell. Extra books are donated to worthy community organizations including the Hermosa Beach Rotary and its Neighborhood Book Borrowing kiosks, Books for Veterans, and Books for Prisoners.

  • Community Events: HBFOL regularly supports community literacy and visibility of Library programs through presence at community events like the Chamber of Commerce Sidewalk Sale and Fiesta Hermosa.



Friends of the Library may be little, but we have a big vision. We regularly interact with and support the local Rotary Club, the Hermosa Beach Museum, and the City of Hermosa Beach.

The Hermosa Beach Library is the third oldest and one of the smallest in the LA County Library system and we are actively involved in the continued discussions on a replacement building. 


Hermosa Beach Friends of the Library will continue to advocate for the needs of the library, the community, and its patrons as these discussions progress in the coming months and years.

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